A nice accessory screams for a nice compliment

Accessories add a great touch of uniqueness to our look, from hats, belts, scarves, to jewelry and anything in between; you can even combine them to create a style that can make you feel more YOU. It’s all about to feel good and to express yourself to the world. Most of us like to be recognized for the effort we put into our image, then don’t hesitate to tell a person kind words like: “That’s a nice hat you are wearing!” Yes, I know a lot would say that a hat precisely isn’t for everyone, but sometimes it takes time to find what looks good on us or what exactly make us feel good about ourselves.

When you see someone wearing something that you “wouldn’t dare to wear”, think outside the box and consider how it looks on that particular person. That’s what’s great about us: we are unique in every way. If accessories are not for you that does not mean that the same applies to every person in the world.

You can change the mood of a person for the better right away with a simple compliment. Next time you like how a stranger standing in front of you in the grocery’s checkout line looks wearing a special accessory, go ahead and tell him/her: “That looks great on you!” Or, if this is the case, “That’s a nice hat you are wearing!”. And wait for a smile in return. That is your reward!

Always remember to give yourself the chance to show who you are. Add a touch of originality, if there’s a nice accessory that will make you feel to wear it, do it! Perhaps you cannot wear it at work, but once you find the right time don’t doubt about it, you might receive a kind compliment because of it.

Image source by Flickr user Chad Cassin

Do you have any special memory about complimenting a person that you would like to share with us? Do you like to accessorize? If you do, what do you usually wear and how does it make you feel? — I’d like to hear from you! Let me know in the comments section below.