Sometimes we look for inspiration to write, to paint, to sing, to even find the strength to get through a rough day, but we keep missing the opportunity to look also for inspiration to love ourselves. We devote our time and effort to be good at work, at home, and different other environments, but we do all this to keep others happy.

The question is obvious here: What about us? After a while we have the tendency to forget about our convictions, our likes and dislikes, our enjoyments, our personal appearance. We have to take action against these tendencies. We are important, we matter in this world. If we want to have the strength and courage to help our loved ones, or if we want to love someone, or find that special person, WE need to feel special too. We need to see what others might be seeing right now in ourselves and we don’t, we need to believe in ourselves and try to find our power in self-confidence. I know this is not an easy task, that’s why from now on we have this special space to find the inspiration we need to build our self-esteem stronger than ever. Remember this: First you, then you! Reassure yourself that you have all you need to be who YOU want to be; this is the good energy to transmit to the people surrounding you and to allow them to feel they can trust you and they can love you back. This is our “secret tool”, well not that secret anymore since every day more and more of us are going to feel confident and happy to be an inspiration to others, to feel strong and beautiful, to show the world that it is possible to succeed.

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