Stand out from others by taking risks

Every decision we make carries some risk. We always deal with a fifty-fifty chance of things going wrong or right. But the real decision-making comes when there could be a big change in our lives depending on the outcome. Taking risks makes us uncomfortable, it scares us; our mind tends to take us for a […]

Why you should stop comparing yourself to others

It seems to come very natural for people to start comparing their lives to the lives of others when in the middle of a personal crisis, problem, or when feeling pain or shame. In a state of self-loathing it is easy to let yourself go in the fantasy that certain people have it easier than […]

A second look to the little things

In our lives we all have great expectations, big dreams, great visions, complicated challenges, and the list goes on as we naturally aim always for the best for us. Now think about how small all of those things look once you lose what you took for granted? All what’s important for human beings is to […]

How to control our worries

If you let your worries and anxiety take over they can really ruin your entire day as well as your life, if you ask me. Even now, I’m worried about how this article it’s going to turn out. In my case, if I let my mind to dominate me, I would start with questions like: […]

An effective way to heal your aching soul

When you feel hurt by people you sincerely trusted something inside of you collapses like a roof with a heavy load of snow, and probably it will leave you just as cold. Sometimes people’s action is unexpected, some other times you kind of see it coming but you feel that you can do nothing about it […]

Now: A moment of light and clarity

In my latest post What comes first: success or happiness? I ask this particular and challenging question: “What if we set our mind to be a person above the average?” Even me, sometimes I get anxious and perhaps a little worried thinking about if what I’m doing to reach my goals, to make my dreams come […]

What comes first: success or happiness?

I am sure it happens to you that when you set a goal you immediately feel all excited just by imagining the outcome. Here’s the thing, you are focusing your attention only on the future, how happy you will feel once you reach success. Now the question is: Is it really through success that we […]

More than just a positive attitude

Faking a smile before starting a difficult day can absolutely make a difference, but how about taking your positive attitude to a level where you actually mean it? Sometimes it takes more determination to focus on a positive attitude. I hear people saying “I have the right to feel down!”. Personally, I don’t answer back these […]

Learning from mistakes

Everybody make mistakes, but it hurts more when we make them. No matter how people will try to make us feel better, or worse with an “I told you so!”, nothing compares to what we are feeling inside and how we beat up ourselves.  Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything […]

Is it really the love from others what makes us feel complete?

How can we be happy when we think that we need to be loved by someone to feel complete? When you think about it it doesn’t make any sense. Of course, it is gratifying to feel the love of others, but why do we need it to feel complete? If you give it some thought […]