Opt for being optimistic

Depending on what you are going through it is not easy for everybody to stay positive. Once the loss of hope or patience, the sadness, the anger, and more feelings like these set in our brain it’s hard to believe that we can’t give up. But a study has shown that if you opt for […]

Is Google growing us apart?

When you were craving those delicious homemade biscuits, who did you ask for the recipe: your grandma, your mom, or…Google? We are always grateful for the many good things the Internet continues to do for us, but what about the bad things? Today I want to talk a little bit about specifically about how search […]

Let inspiration find you first

If you are here is because you are trying to find inspiration, and what’s best is that you’re working on it, not waiting for a miracle to happen by itself. Dedication and commitment are crucial to start shaping anything you have in mind. Got inspiration? Well then, let inspiration find YOU first. Taking action is […]

Visions: Shape your life without compromising your integrity

You might remember those days when you were very young and everyone would ask: What do you want to be when you grow up? Then tilting your head to one side and looking up the sky or the ceiling of your home your imagination would start to run thinking about what you’d love to become, […]

What is love? Your own answer may surprise you

It all begins with love. If we want things to happen the right way, stop before start anything, be present — feel the present moment –, and think about: What is love? Certainly we can say that each of us has different concepts of love, but I think we can all agree on that it […]

Jealousy and love

Nowadays we all know how difficult it is to find love; many, if not most of us even started scratching off things we would like to find in our “perfect guy/girl” from the list. Expectations that once were important to us now seem unrealistic, but how much jealousy will you allow in a relationship? Many of […]

Overcome the fear of being yourself

Uncertainty, obscurity, loneliness, our fears can take the best of us. Our mind can sometimes play against and make us believe that we can hide in them. You should know that there is a lot you can accomplish if you set your mind to overcome the fear of being yourself. Certainly we all experience fear […]

The importance of talking things out

Stress could make you feel like your soul is being eaten slowly by your problems. I am here to tell you that it is OK to talk things out. It will make you feel better. Sometimes you may feel that you have everything under control. You could be a strong person, maybe a very patient person as […]

Simple ways and times to feed your soul

You wake up in the morning and prepare to eat your breakfast, then certainly at noon you will feel your stomach rumbling again and, if you have the time, you’ll have lunch or a snack instead. Later on the day perhaps a nice and succulent dinner will satisfy your appetite, but how often do you […]