What comes first: success or happiness?

I am sure it happens to you that when you set a goal you immediately feel all excited just by imagining the outcome. Here’s the thing, you are focusing your attention only on the future, how happy you will feel once you reach success. Now the question is: Is it really through success that we can achieve happiness? 

Since we are little kids our parents, relatives, and the whole society teach us to work hard for that is going to make us successful and therefore happy. Thus at certain age we are all “programmed” to follow the advice and we practically become one of them. Them who? – One of the “average people”.

What would have happened if we had been taught through all of our life to be positive and happy and grateful instead of just working hard? What if we set our mind to be a person above the average? What if we change our perspective about happiness?

It’s proven scientifically that a person with a positive attitude, who works in a positive environment, has more chances to get better results in his job. Simply imagine a person working long hours, showing minute after minute his discontentment with the job, seeing always the negative side of things and complaining frequently. Probably he will get the job done, but with difficulties and perhaps with a lot of stress. The excitement for reaching the goal could easily be jeopardized this way. Then it’s more likely that he will set a “better” or “higher” goal and thus the equation reads: happiness = tomorrow = never comes.

Only through behavioral change can information become transformation. Shawn Achor

It’s all about getting there, right? The answer is “NO”. It’s all about HOW you get there. The more happy you feel right now, the more things you’ll get done, the better decisions you’ll make, and the more you’ll enjoy the rewards.

There should not be a long run for happiness. If we pay attention to every little thing that help us to get where we want to be, that should be enough to express gratitude and joy. The process is what makes the story, make sure it is one fill with positive thoughts and experiences.

I encourage you to watch this very interesting and motivating TED talks video: Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work.

Image source by Flickr user Irina Patrascu