Deciding on a positive change in your life

How badly do you want or do you need a change in your life? How much longer do you think you should wait to be happy? This is it! This is your time to do it!

Deciding on a big change can be challenging and maybe overwhelming, depending on the type of change you need. It takes a lot of courage and self-confidence to do it, that’s why we tend to make excuses for ourselves and wait for the “right time” to make the first step.

The truth is that is never too late for a good change in our lives, but it is always best to start today. Our daily routine can absorb us and it is a never ending story if we don’t do something about it. Of course a new job, a new town, a new culture can scare anybody, but that’s the beauty of it. A change can paint our life with a whole different perspective to see things, it’s like a breath of fresh air for your mind, heart, and soul.

You have to be completely honest with yourself if you are deciding on a big change, it has to be only because you feel it that way and not because other people ask you to. This way you avoid regretting it later. If you make a mistake it will be a lesson learned later, and experience is always important too.

A positive change in your life can happen right away or can take some time to accomplish it, but, as I mentioned above, as soon as you make the first step the better. Here are a few steps in no particular order that can help you start. These are just some ideas, but you should only do what you consider best you.

• Focus on what you need to change to feel good in life, e.g., your job, your way of thinking, a bad habit, the way you look, etc.

• Write down details such as what is your goal, a plan on how you want to achieve it, pros and cons, and all that you think is important and will give you a clear view to help you organize your ideas.

• Seek support from the people you love. In case something doesn’t go as planned they might be able to contact you with new people who can put you on the right path, or they can simply make sure to remind your new priorities.

• Mark your calendar with the day to make the first step to your new life and don’t let one day pass without doing something about it. At least think for a few minutes how close you are to meet your goal. That should keep your mind right to not get lost trying.

• Always remember that without risks there are no rewards.

One day you made a decision because you felt that there was no other choice for you, today you make a decision because you deserve to feel good about what you are, what you do, and what you have.

Image by Flickr user Steven Depolo