How to deal with negative people in the middle of an argument

We have two choices in life, either we keep what’s positive or what’s negative for us. Of course, it could always be a challenge, our mind likes drama and problems to solve. When was the last time you found yourself in an argument with a negative person? Perhaps your answer will be –“5 minutes ago”. And I bet although knowing you were the voice of reason, you kept the argument going trying to make this stubborn person to understand you. -Don’t worry. We all do that.

In life we are constantly encountering negative people and situations, and it is very easy to get caught up on them; one minute you are giving your opinion, the next you are being attacked. Now you might be asking yourself: How can one avoid this? Well, it’s not easy, because it usually happens unexpectedly. Once it is possible to become aware of what it’s really going on in the middle of a discussion, it is not always easy to stop, think, and leave. Besides in some way you have to let it out of your system and give this person a piece of your mind, right? Even when you know it is not worth it.

What’s important is the result of all this negativism. You might end up stressed out, or with heavy heart, even hurt, or handcuffed, hey… You never know what an angry person could be capable of doing. You can allow in all this into your life if you don’t think of the consequences of your actions. That’s why a great way to deal with these situations is to keep calm, be aware, and alert. If you find yourself involved in an argument, it would be best for you to ignore them, that’s your powerful weapon. Just stop, think, and leave the discussion. In case you already started responding, try saying what you need to say in a calm way, controlling your anger and frustration. Don’t go further to the point of repeating yourself over and over again, a stubborn and negative person will never listen; then leave. If you are doing this, it’s just for YOU, to make you feel better. Nothing else.

Do not ever sacrifice what you love to do because others are telling you to do so. There is enough space in this world for each and every one of us to do what make us happy, and we can achieve it by surrounding ourselves with people that have a positive energy. Remember who you are and what principles you have, if you know you are a good person you also know that you don’t deserve to be treating down by anyone! We always learn from experience, don’t beat yourself up if things does not go according to plan. That should be a positive thing for you since you will learn a lesson that will help you know how to better act in front of a similar situation.


Image source by Flickr user Dickuhne