How to have a positive self-image

Do we really want to ask a mirror how do we look? Do we need to ask a person if they approve our self-image? Do we really need to judge ourselves for being born this way?

Self-image related questions seem not to have a proper answer, although we constantly ask them, we always doubt about the responses. We strive to look good, to feel good about ourselves, nothing wrong with that, (and here comes the “BUT”…) but why give a second thought to what others might think of us? Why feel depress or down on a beautiful day thinking about the things we cannot change? And one thing we cannot change is the way people spend their precious time criticizing others.

What is self-image?

We can describe self-image as the way we see ourselves, or the view others have of ourselves, or also the view we think others have of ourselves. We develop our own point of view based on what we have been told since we were very young, that’s why sometimes it takes longer to find the reassurance to build a new and positive self-image.

How can we change to a positive self-image?

Here are just a few questions that can help you stop your old way of thinking for a moment and take your mind to a more “realistic point of view”:

When you walk in the city or inside a mall among hundreds of people, what do you see?

Probably you only see what your mind wants to see at this point, but if you really open your eyes none of those people look the same. — How boring would that be, right?!

Are all of them trying to look their best?

It is possible that most of them are.

Could all of these people be thinking about the way they look or the way you look?              

No, I seriously doubt it.

Do you constantly judge others about the way they look?                                                     

If your answer is yes, then that’s probably part of the problem. Either your mind is tricking you to believe that maybe they are doing the same thing with you and you do it in return just to feel “better”, or you see in them the self-confidence you need for yourself. I’m sorry if that was a little harsh, but you deserve to feel good just the way you are.

If you think that you need a change, then smile, you are already working on it. You are on the right path to find the real you, the one that’s happy, self-confident, and beautiful. The way you think of yourself can really affect the way others think of you and the relationships you might have with them. It’s all in you; switch the channel in your mind for one that has only positive thoughts.

Image source by Flickr user Bill Strain