Is Google growing us apart?


When you were craving those delicious homemade biscuits, who did you ask for the recipe: your grandma, your mom, or…Google? We are always grateful for the many good things the Internet continues to do for us, but what about the bad things? Today I want to talk a little bit about specifically about how search engines are growing us apart.

It happened to me recently that a simple question, just to make conversation with someone (a.k.a “break the ice”), have made me feel stupid, just because, of course, if I don’t really remember the time difference between eastern USA and UK, I SHOULD Google it, right? But yes, I felt funny about it.

All this got me thinking: Is Google growing us apart, making it more difficult for us to engage with people the old fashioned way?

How odd does it feel to you to ask short questions to a friend like “how’s the weather there?” or “do you remember that phone number?”, when you are actually holding a smartphone in your hands?

Nowadays we can quick access almost all kind of information; it is at our finger tips. I think we can all agree in that is not a bad thing, but we should be able to communicate with others without feeling self-conscious about it. A lot of people are asking if the search engines are limiting our intellect because of the same reason; we always rely on the Internet.

If only we could give others the chance to express themselves, and I’m not talking about Twitter or Facebook here, to communicate openly face to face, and I’m not referring to Skype either. All these social media sites sometimes make us forget that we are talking to people not to just a computer. Just think for a minute about it, how long do you believe a long distance relationship can last? Do they work? We need to consider visiting people more often like we used to when there were only analog phones at home. There is nothing better than to hug a dear friend in person. LOL ((HUG)) 😉

 Image Source by Flickr user Marilyn Cole