More than just a positive attitude

Faking a smile before starting a difficult day can absolutely make a difference, but how about taking your positive attitude to a level where you actually mean it?

Sometimes it takes more determination to focus on a positive attitude. I hear people saying “I have the right to feel down!”. Personally, I don’t answer back these types of comments because as the person is in a negative state of mind, I feel that it would be asking for an argument. Of course, you have the right to feel however you please, I would respond, however I think that if you knowingly deny yourself the possibility of feeling good and you are aware of the strength you have to change your mood, why waste that power?

According to the circumstances in life not everyone can say that are able to connect with a positive attitude easily. Although most of us tend to be positive, some people struggle to see their glass half full, and others know how they “should stand up to” a certain bad or complicated situation, but they just don’t find courage to do it or let their nerves take over. In these cases what’s important is to try and not just take the easy way. You have to be willing to fight against fear, to bring yourself up to the point where at least you are able to ask for help when you need to, to have the courage to take the first step! Remember that every attempt to make your life better, every positive or negative thought you have today, is building your future.

Life is full of surprises, so you may as well get used to it. – Susan Meddaugh, Cinderella’s Rat.

There are always ups and downs in our lives, the challenge is what keeps us alive.

When you notice that you are dwelling too much around a problem or simply a negative thought, drag yourself out of that attitude by looking for something that can make you feel good. Ask yourself when was the last time you had fun. Feeling happy, enjoying life, playing should also be part of your schedule. Those are the moments when you find joy, relaxation, and you are able to open your mind to new ideas.

Turn your attention to the possibility of changing the odds in your favor. Really feel that you can work with a positive attitude and actually see results, keeping in mind that they may or may not be immediate, but also life changing. You can always expect something good with just allowing yourself to see the bright side of things. This can be a starting point to venture in better options for you.

Image courtesy of Eric Chan