Learning from mistakes

Everybody make mistakes, but it hurts more when we make them. No matter how people will try to make us feel better, or worse with an “I told you so!”, nothing compares to what we are feeling inside and how we beat up ourselves.

 Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.Albert Einstein

There’s always a risk in everything we do, there’s bad and there’s good, there’s darkness and there’s light, there’s always a 50 percent chance of something to go wrong, but why not go for the 50 percent chance of that thing to go RIGHT? When we are afraid to change in our life we are making ourselves vulnerable to negativism and we easily attract mistakes.

Life always give you choices, and you may be capable of making the right decision or not; what’s important sometimes is how you decide, because everything you do it will shape you and your destiny. If you used all your senses when presented with a choice to make, if you took enough time to think about it, if you were manipulated by the circumstances or by other people; all these things can be analyzed to help you know how you end up doing something wrong, and, of course, learn from the experience.

What time will give you is a way to ease your mind, maybe by showing you other perspectives of the same situation. Somehow you will realize later on why you did what you did at that moment, and perhaps you will also realize that there wasn’t enough reason for you to suffer the way you did after making a certain decision.

Do not overthink things! Personally I’m still trying not to dwell so much on the past or on things I just can’t handle, but I know this is a good advice. When we make a mistake we tend to think and rethink all the possible scenarios we could have chosen instead. The past is the past and nothing and no one can change that. All we have is NOW, this present moment to learn from the things we done wrong, forgive ourselves, and let it go.

Understanding that nobody is perfect doesn’t mean that you should stop to do your best, but also to do your best means to accept and go on to where your dreams are. Never a mistake should be a reason to stop trying. Make of them just bumps on the road, a road that you must travel to get wherever your destiny is.