Now: A moment of light and clarity

In my latest post What comes first: success or happiness? I ask this particular and challenging question: “What if we set our mind to be a person above the average?” Even me, sometimes I get anxious and perhaps a little worried thinking about if what I’m doing to reach my goals, to make my dreams come true, to face my destiny is enough. For others may be also hard to think of risking what they already have for the chance of something better.

It always seems to come down to “dreams”, a very inspiring word for sure. We hear it in poems, songs, speeches, motivational talks, you name it, but in our mind seems like it’s always something distant to reach, projected only in a future that lives in an uncertain world and time that may never come.

What we keep forgetting is that all that we have is “now”. Ask yourself: What am I doing right this second to make my dreams become my reality? Even if you are busy with some others things you can still do something, such as having positive thoughts and plan your future, for example. And don’t get confused here again, these thoughts must not be part of daydreaming but plans about maybe small steps that you can take immediately or in the near future, let’s say in a day or two, that can lead you to whatever is that you want.

Look for the opportunities, repeat to yourself that you must do something to get what you want. Don’t forget that you are aiming for success. Move “the pieces of the puzzle” when you are feeling stuck. Sometimes what you have to do might have nothing to do with your goal, but you need that to find answers, create opportunities, open doors, and have better chances.

The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: you create a great future by creating a good present. -Eckhart Tolle.

Be present in this moment and realize that the next minute is also part of your future. Feel happy about this moment of light and clarity and you will be automatically adding happiness to your days.

You never know what could come next, and that’s life. There are always risks, and the worst of them is losing the chance to live the life you deserve.