Is it really the love from others what makes us feel complete?

How can we be happy when we think that we need to be loved by someone to feel complete? When you think about it it doesn’t make any sense. Of course, it is gratifying to feel the love of others, but why do we need it to feel complete? If you give it some thought […]

Finding something to look forward to

If you are caught up in your daily routine or in your problems, you are instantly making yourself vulnerable to a bad mood, sadness, depression, and all the negative feelings. Who doesn’t have a problem nowadays, right? We all have to deal with different situations daily — feel grateful if you are able to multitask […]

Christmas greetings from Chuck Norris!

A great way to say “Merry Christmas!”… Chuck Norris style of course! Our dear Chuck had to try the Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Epic Split Stunt for Volvo, but he made it just a little bit more interesting. Check it out! Happy Holidays Everybody! Be happy, be merry and laugh out loud!

Animals are just awesome!

This video has the best compilation of animals taking advantage of the situation at its best. Thanks to everyone who had a camera at the exact time and the right place, we can now laugh out loud a little. Enjoy!

The process of forgiving yourself

Forgiving is a difficult task, we sometimes use to hide our lack of forgiveness saying “I forgive, but I don’t forget”, the truth is that not everybody mean it. People dwell in anger and resentment for long periods of time, allowing these negative feelings to destroy their peace and happiness and to even harm their […]

Intro to Good Laugh

If you are not a morning person, chances are you don’t smile when you wake up. Then I should tell you that a nice smile can make the difference between a good day and a bad one. It’s all about having a positive mind attitude, and a simple smile can definitely help you achieve it. Imagine […]

A first step towards high self-esteem

Having a high self-esteem can help you not only to feel good about yourself, but it can help you to do well at school, to get a better job, to be cool around your friends, to make good decisions, etc. But it can be really difficult for a person that didn’t have a good childhood, […]

Saving time for solitude

Who has time for that, right?! In our incredible busy and fast paced life that we are living it seems impossible to find some alone time, but saving time for solitude could make a big difference for you. These days we have no problem of connecting with people across the globe, in a matter of […]

How to deal with negative people in the middle of an argument

We have two choices in life, either we keep what’s positive or what’s negative for us. Of course, it could always be a challenge, our mind likes drama and problems to solve. When was the last time you found yourself in an argument with a negative person? Perhaps your answer will be –“5 minutes ago”. […]

Gratitude: Turning negative into positive

There is always something to be grateful for in our life no matter the circumstances. One important thing is to remember to give thanks. –Why? Because within gratitude lies the “magic” in turning negative situations or thoughts into positive ones for us and for the people we love. When you are thankful for the things […]