Adopting a pet can help with depression symptoms

Do you ever feel the need to love and receive love unconditionally? Do you sometimes or most of the time feel alone although there are people surrounding you? When was the last time you woke up smiling without any special reason? These types of questions can help to figure out if you are experiencing a […]

10 steps to gain self-confidence

You have all the rights to make your dreams come true, but one huge obstacle can be not giving yourself the chance because of the lack of self-confidence. Believing you can be successful, brave, strong, and beautiful, must be a wonderful feeling for those that can accomplish it, but experiencing low self-esteem at one aspect […]

How to have a positive self-image

Do we really want to ask a mirror how do we look? Do we need to ask a person if they approve our self-image? Do we really need to judge ourselves for being born this way? Self-image related questions seem not to have a proper answer, although we constantly ask them, we always doubt about […]

Deciding on a positive change in your life

How badly do you want or do you need a change in your life? How much longer do you think you should wait to be happy? This is it! This is your time to do it! Deciding on a big change can be challenging and maybe overwhelming, depending on the type of change you need. […]

Opt for being optimistic

Depending on what you are going through it is not easy for everybody to stay positive. Once the loss of hope or patience, the sadness, the anger, and more feelings like these set in our brain it’s hard to believe that we can’t give up. But a study has shown that if you opt for […]

A nice accessory screams for a nice compliment

Accessories add a great touch of uniqueness to our look, from hats, belts, scarves, to jewelry and anything in between; you can even combine them to create a style that can make you feel more YOU. It’s all about to feel good and to express yourself to the world. Most of us like to be […]

Is Google growing us apart?

When you were craving those delicious homemade biscuits, who did you ask for the recipe: your grandma, your mom, or…Google? We are always grateful for the many good things the Internet continues to do for us, but what about the bad things? Today I want to talk a little bit about specifically about how search […]

Let inspiration find you first

If you are here is because you are trying to find inspiration, and what’s best is that you’re working on it, not waiting for a miracle to happen by itself. Dedication and commitment are crucial to start shaping anything you have in mind. Got inspiration? Well then, let inspiration find YOU first. Taking action is […]

Visions: Shape your life without compromising your integrity

You might remember those days when you were very young and everyone would ask: What do you want to be when you grow up? Then tilting your head to one side and looking up the sky or the ceiling of your home your imagination would start to run thinking about what you’d love to become, […]

What is love? Your own answer may surprise you

It all begins with love. If we want things to happen the right way, stop before start anything, be present — feel the present moment –, and think about: What is love? Certainly we can say that each of us has different concepts of love, but I think we can all agree on that it […]