The process of forgiving yourself

Forgiving is a difficult task, we sometimes use to hide our lack of forgiveness saying “I forgive, but I don’t forget”, the truth is that not everybody mean it. People dwell in anger and resentment for long periods of time, allowing these negative feelings to destroy their peace and happiness and to even harm their health. How much more difficult could it be to forgive yourself then?

You know all mistakes can carry consequences, some could be more serious than others, and learning to accept them is a process just like forgiving. For instance everybody have their virtues and defects, that is who we are and we don’t need forgiveness for that. You should understand that we learn from experience therefore you are not going to forget the source of pain, what you are trying to do is to forgive yourself for the things you’ve done wrong or the things that made you feel bad. We all make mistakes otherwise we will be perfect. There is nothing wrong with trying to be better every day, but perfection in a person does not exist, thus you should allow yourself to be imperfect. This is part of a personal acceptance, essential to start the process of forgiving yourself.

You should not be afraid of negative emotions. It just takes strength to recognize and face why are you feeling that way, by doing this you will be less vulnerable to live in the past and move on with your life.

Sometimes it is easier to forgive others because you don’t have to live with the guilt. Take one step at a time and appreciate the good things in you, always making sure that the lessons learned will help you grow wiser and stronger. If you don’t feel with enough courage, seek help from friends and family, they could show their different perspectives that maybe you haven’t thought about and that will get you some clarity on the situation. Remind yourself to laugh more often and not take life too seriously. Live your present moment, for that will make your future shine.

Image source Flickr (Jesus Solana)