Saving time for solitude

Who has time for that, right?! In our incredible busy and fast paced life that we are living it seems impossible to find some alone time, but saving time for solitude could make a big difference for you.

These days we have no problem of connecting with people across the globe, in a matter of seconds you have an answer to your message and hardly remember that you haven’t seen that “special” person in years. However this incredibly over connected world is making us unable to connect with the most important being: ourselves.

Our brain and body are all we have to keep going, to solve problems, to achieve goals, to take care of our family, etc. Taking care of ourselves should be primordial, and part of our schedule too. It is not a matter of loneliness or selfishness, just the necessity of finding a space and time of our own. A time when you can just breathe in and out, relax, eat properly, maybe put in order your ideas; there are infinite possibilities to take advantage from.

Saving time for solitude is as important as socializing. In fact, it will help you to communicate better, leading to better relationships and improvements in the quality of your work. You are going to be able to concentrate, to focus, and make decisions more effectively. Although nowadays we are undeniably dependent in our social lives, unfortunately that makes us forget the gratification we can find in some time alone.

Waking up half an hour or one hour earlier in the morning, before to go to work, could be extremely beneficial for your brain and body. You could find the peace, the quietness you need to spend some time with yourself. Even going to a park for a walk can help you, it doesn’t have to be a deserted place; all you need is a time and space where could take your mind of the things that stress you. Yes, this would mean that you must turn off your phones, all the beep sounds of notifications from your laptop, etc. Nothing should alter your moment for solitude.


Image source Flickr user Natesh Ramasamy