A second look to the little things

In our lives we all have great expectations, big dreams, great visions, complicated challenges, and the list goes on as we naturally aim always for the best for us. Now think about how small all of those things look once you lose what you took for granted?

All what’s important for human beings is to be happy, and thus the pursuit for happiness disguised as big goals begins. There is so much that we miss in between when we only focus on the big picture of everything. We limit ourselves to go along a path where we are only supposed to work hard to reach success and to make our visions a reality, while in the middle we leave the little things that could have made our life so much easier unnoticed.

For instance happiness is a choice, but we insist in making it complicated. All it takes is to pay more attention to the things you enjoy doing during the day, really listen when someone says a kind word to you, smile a little more.

I know that sometimes it could be harder for you to think positive and open up your eyes to the little things when you feel the pressure of work, the daily problems, perhaps an illness, but you need to challenge yourself. Those times when you are drowning in negativism use alert phrases like “Stop!” or “Calm down!”, to drag you out of a pessimist state. Then think of all the possible positive outcomes, or distract yourself by looking for things to appreciate in that specific moment: a child’s smile, the birds flying, a hug of a friend, the sun shining through the trees, the excitement of your dog when he greets you, your partner’s shoulder to lean on at night, a cup of hot cocoa to savor quietly, etc.

Things don’t necessarily have to be hard to achieve to makes us happy, if you don’t find happiness in the simple things, what is there left for you? Life is about of what is happening now and what you make of it. Making memories holds so much more than just a perfect picture of you “planting a flag on Mount Everest”, and I’m not saying that that’s not a wonderful experience to remember, but you get what I mean.

Take a mental picture of a treasured moment and go to that happy place when you need to smile to make things better, it will help you to better appreciate what’s around you and live a life without missing out on the little things that make it very special.

Image source Flickr user Nicole