A first step towards high self-esteem

Having a high self-esteem can help you not only to feel good about yourself, but it can help you to do well at school, to get a better job, to be cool around your friends, to make good decisions, etc. But it can be really difficult for a person that didn’t have a good childhood, or didn’t have the opportunities needed to succeed in life, or hasn’t been involved with the right crowd, or have been criticized by friends and family for a long time to develop a high self-esteem in one day. The good thing is that today is always a good day to start.

A few months ago I wrote a piece about how a few simple questions can help you change your old way of thinking and have a positive self-image. It is a great step forward deciding that you need to do something good for yourself and question why you got into this feeling of low self-esteem in the first place? You will notice that most of the time the answer to that question is “because you allowed it to happen!”.

The first step towards high self-esteem is accepting yourself as you are. You hear this everywhere and every day probably, but it’s not always easy to accomplish it. This is not a matter of just knowing it because everybody tells you that, but working on it and truly believe it yourself.

For instance you need to stop comparing yourself to others. Uniqueness is the beauty of each and every individual, each of us have something to show to the world, whether that is physically, mentally, or from the soul. Try to join a crowd where there are only positive minded people, this will help you to adopt their way of thinking and make you feel always welcome. Learn to accept compliments, if someone tells you something nice is because they see it in you! Say “Thank you!” with confidence, avoid all kinds of negative responses like: “No, do you really think so?” or “You’re just saying that, but you don’t mean it.”

Believe you are all you have and you have all to be happy and self-confident. Think and act with a positive mind attitude and you will build the high self-esteem you need to achieve your goals.

Image source Flickr user Hope Art