Stand out from others by taking risks

Every decision we make carries some risk. We always deal with a fifty-fifty chance of things going wrong or right. But the real decision-making comes when there could be a big change in our lives depending on the outcome.

Taking risks makes us uncomfortable, it scares us; our mind tends to take us for a ride along the road of all the wrong case scenarios possible. Fear start to take charge and it seems impossible then to imagine all the positive things we could gain from venturing.

Having the courage to get out of our comfort zone and take the next step to something new it seems easy to say. It is even easier to keep believing that what we have is “alright”, “just fine”, or “enough”, but it is also quite superficial, don’t you think?

Think of the bucket list you might have from long time ago, for example, waiting for the perfect time to scratch off the things you wrote that you think will make your life well lived. The question is: when is the perfect time to take the challenge and risk some things for the chance of better ones? – NOW is when!

Look directly into reality and present moment’s eyes. You are the one who needs to make the perfect time happen.

Nothing wrong with playing safe anyway, but when you reach a certain age you look back and find out that you haven’t done half the things that would have brought you joy, happiness, pleasure into your life is when you wish you had been braver. Life is about memories, and even though taking risks could leave you vulnerable nobody can tell you that you didn’t try.

Sometimes moving “the right pieces” can lead you to even exceed the expectations about your goal, this could also bring excitement to the process, but at the same time fear which is natural. Allow yourself to experience every feeling as long as you don’t let the negative ones keep you from fulfilling your destiny.

Trust your instincts, and most of all, trust yourself! Doubts are your worst enemy, they can confuse you in your ability to tackle the consequences. Measure with your best knowledge the risks you are going to take. If you make a mistake it does not mean that you should to give up on it.

Change doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative thing or wrong, it all depends on how you see it and what are you willing to do to live the life you deserve. This is what makes certain people to stand out from others. They win because at some point they faced their fears and took risks that others were not willing to take or were doubting and have missed the opportunity.

Make a decision and act on it. Taking risks also means gaining experience that soon enough will help you turn the odds on your favor.

Image courtesy of Michael Napoleon