Visions: Shape your life without compromising your integrity


You might remember those days when you were very young and everyone would ask: What do you want to be when you grow up? Then tilting your head to one side and looking up the sky or the ceiling of your home your imagination would start to run thinking about what you’d love to become, or where you’d like to be. Probably you can still remember what you pictured in your head back then. Many of you have been lucky enough to achieve those dreams and visions later in life, as well many of you turned out to become someone entirely different. All these changes in your life are shaped by your knowledge and visions.

Our visions are a very important tool to help us be the best we can in our life, but we must have clarity on what our beliefs and values are first, this way you won’t compromise your integrity along the way. Once, I read in an article called “Four strategies to establish a clear and profitable vision” by Nadine A. Thompson and Angela E. Soper, this simple phrase I think it is necessary to keep in mind:

Let the changes you’re making be a symbol of what you are and plan to become.

This is your place to find ideas and motivation to be very good at being yourself. Now ask yourself: “Am I doing what I should be doing? Am I brave enough to follow my dreams? Did I do everything I could to reach my goal?

You have a place in this world, in this life; all you need is a clear vision of what you want to accomplish: perhaps you want to be a professional athlete, a great parent for your children, a caring grandson, a responsible volunteer in a charitable organization, an amazing friend.

Take action to clearly visualize what you want

  • I think it’s best to start by being grateful for what you already have. Perhaps what you have right now it is not what you always wanted, but it is yours and you should see the positive side of things and be grateful for it.
  • Set up a new goal in your life every time you need it; try to find something you’re a passionate about to make the rewards of joy even greater.
  • Write everything down, use colors, pictures, anything that will grab your attention and will make want to see it every morning and every night. Taking these simple steps should make you feel proud knowing that you are on the right path to achieve great things in life.
  • Take a moment during the day to picture in your head WHO you want to be and WHAT do you want to accomplish.

Being true to yourself, knowing and protecting your beliefs and values, will help you make better decisions towards realizing your dreams and visions.

Image source Flickr