An effective way to heal your aching soul

When you feel hurt by people you sincerely trusted something inside of you collapses like a roof with a heavy load of snow, and probably it will leave you just as cold. Sometimes people’s action is unexpected, some other times you kind of see it coming but you feel that you can do nothing about it because people change, we all change at one point in our lives. Sadly that change for other people is simply negative, in which case they are doing you a favor by open up your eyes. The problem is how to cope with this new feelings and raw emotions.

If you are like me not long ago, you probably find yourself multiple times over-thinking the situation and asking what really went wrong. Why’s and what if’s may sound very familiar to you, imagining different scenarios at the same time. Then you end up wasting more tears and more of your precious time on a thing that already belongs to the past, but you just don’t want to accept it. It is essential for you at this point to recognize that you need to start the process of healing your soul. And I’m going to give you a simple and very effective way to do it.


Break the cycle of over-thinking


First you need to try to calm yourself down and step out from that vicious cycle of over-thinking. To do this start by breathing in and out, deeply and consciously. Observe yourself in a way that allows you to understand and be aware of every feeling and every thought you are having. Use this questions to achieve that awareness: Is this who I really am? Are these thoughts defining me? Why am I reacting this way? Is this worth it? Is this beneficial for me and my well-being? Can I really allow this to hurt me? How long have I been aching over this?


Recognize your reactions


Try to name every emotion, describe with your own words what you are experiencing, define your feelings and completely acknowledge their existence to create acceptance. Slowly, by giving yourself time, you will allow forgiveness into your soul.


Connect with your true being


It’s not healthy to dwell on the past, on things you cannot change or do something about, but it’s important to go back in time to remember your beliefs and values. You should not… — let me rephrase that — you must not allow situations of this nature to transform you in a negative way. You are a person who learns the lesson, accepts what is, lives the present moment, and moves on. This is how you connect deeply with the real you and not with the thinker that overwhelms you with doubts.


Meditate and pray


Take a few minutes to relax and meditate. Your soul needs these moments of clarity and tranquility. Find a space and time to be alone and embrace positive energy. After this, focus in the present moment, all there is and all you have is NOW. Pray with your heart and soul for the things you need to let go and more importantly for the better things and better relationships you visualize in your future. When you pray use meaningful words, you don’t need a complicated prayer to recite over and over by heart. Elevate your prayer with a feeling of gratitude and faith that your soul will receive the peace and healing you are seeking.

 Image source Flickr user Petras Gagilas